What We Do

What We Do

With 25 years’ of experience in sales, business development, marketing, and public relations working with global and local brands, we can develop sharper strategies to deliver unequaled responsible business growth. Grow3 takes recognised business practices such as consulting, marketing and business development and integrates them into a coherent, cost effective business solution.

What is your Approach?

Growing business responsibly is an integral part of our performance. This means that we are dedicated to adding value to people, profit, and planet – the triple bottom line. We know that growing responsibly is best achieved through delivering actionable insights, engagement of your stakeholders, and finding meaningful purpose because that’s how we approach our own business.

How does this translate to your services?

You can expect us to engage with your employees and clients, to apply meaningful purpose to your creation of new economic value, and to develop intuitive and actionable recommendations for growth.

Tell me more about your approach to the Triple Bottom Line


Grow Engagement
-Inspire responsible growth through an integrated approach by engaging all stakeholders

Grow Your Ethical Organisation
-Bring Compliance to Life
-Help employees to take personal responsibility for pursuing ethical and responsible actions within their organisations

Grow Diversity of Leadership
-Improve talent retention
-Bring your diversity strategies to life


Grow your Brand
-Develop and re-position your company’s identity
-Tell a compelling story of your competitive advantage
-Get all your people engaged and moving in the same direction

Grow your Customer Base
-Improve your new business pipeline
-Create powerful client experiences—inspiring and memorable

Grow your Market Opportunities
-Market research that uncovers new market opportunities
-New commercial strategies plus hands-on business development
-Transformational marketing campaigns


Grow Value
-Obtain value for your unutilized production capacity and capture value on underperforming assets and inventory

Resource Allocation
-Improve your ability to plan for, manage, and mitigate resource scarcity risks

Risk Reduction
-Reduce your supply chain’s exposure to the disruption caused by climate, regulatory, and ethical risks

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