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Drum roll please. Grow3 starts blogging!

Drum roll please. Grow3 starts blogging!

By Lenka Koppová


Welcome to the Grow3 blog! Allow me to give you a quick summary of our team, what to expect from our blog and a bit about my personal experience of working at Grow3.

Although in the world of business we have been around for some time now, (25 years to be precise), the world of blogging and social media is a new platform we plan to conquer. So we want to hear from you through social media. Join the online discussion and help us grow, and in turn, we help your business grow.

Engagement Hands

My time at Grow3 and International Teamwork

When I started working at Grow3, it took me a while to truly get into the gist of our services. I had to understand the meaning of terms such as engagement services, sustainable development, business strategy, growth and market insight. But the amazing team at Grow3 helped me truly understand how crucial each function is.

Before joining the Grow3 team I studied Journalism and Applied Economy and worked as a Marketing Consultant for a Web Design Company. Marketing was always my passion; it is the perfect combination of creativity and communication. Working at Grow3 has given me the opportunity to apply all my skills and gain lots of hands-on experience.

Our team is very unique in the way that we all provide such a vast set of skills and experience. We have a variety of nationalities and languages circulating the office, which is very advantageous. We work with people from all departments such as: marketing, media and journalism, management, finance, IT and many others. Our multicultural team includes individuals from: Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ireland, Scotland, Texas, Colombia, Venezuela, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Bangladesh and China.

This variation enriches us not only on a cultural level but it helps us to achieve new levels of creativity through ideation. People from different parts of the world have various ways of thinking, so we can empathise with your needs and we can see things from multiple angles.

What to expect next

In our next blog post we will be discussing employee engagement. It will focus around allowing employees to have a voice in the workplace. You can look forward to new posts every Wednesday. Our articles will give you an intelligent perspective on engagement, market research or ethical leadership. We will feature interviews with successful entrepreneurs from the business world and they will share their story and their experience of business growth. Exciting stuff! So watch this space, we promise it’ll be worth it.

Get in touch with us!

Please feel free to comment, share opinions or tell us your post requests. We look forward to starting a discussion with you. If we can give you a hand with any aspect of business growth, feel free to contact us!

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