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How engaging are your tweets? You can find it out with View Analytics Details

How engaging are your tweets? You can find it out with View Analytics Details

By Antonia Di Lorenzo


Are your tweets any good?

Twitter is experimenting with mobile tools to figure that out, thanks to the feature View Analytics Details on the bottom of the tweet view, showing the statistics of impressions, engagement, rate and more.

Twitter started utilizing analytics for all users on its website last year. However, the new functionality makes it easier to access on phones.

As explained by The Verge, not all the users have access to it and it is not clear when and if the news will reach all the users.

The idea, as mentioned by The Next Web, is the promotion of the single tweet through an easy process. Nevertheless, the company does not make any comment and the feature has not been included among the news on the agenda, as it is probably still in a testing phase.

The feature gets its data from Twitter’s Analytics platform, which was recently made available for anyone on the service to use. The logical evolution of this new feature would be to directly promote tweets inside the mobile app.




It looks like a sort of social media monitoring on your Twitter account. Basically, you can find out how many people have seen and clicked your tweet. By monitoring your account, you can find out the results of your tweet and eventually increase them by reading the statistics, to be more engaging and improve your presence on the social media platform.

Trevor O’Brien, Twitter Product Manager, in his article The spirit of experimentation and the evolution of your home timeline, says: “As we’ve shared a few times, we constantly try new experiments around here, which serve to inform the evolution of the product. We believe that each successful experiment, big or small, can make your Twitter experience simpler and more relevant to you.”

According to him, the main goal would be to continue improving the home timeline.

“We recently ran experiments that showed different types of content in your timeline: recommended Tweets, accounts and topics”, he says.

“Testing indicated that most people enjoy seeing Tweets from accounts they may not follow, based on signals such as activity from accounts you do follow, the popularity of the Tweets, and how people in your network interact with them. These experiments now inform the timeline you see today.”

According to TechCrunch, the quick glimpse at how your tweet is faring seems like something that would be very useful for brands and others who thrive on social media success. But the feature will probably go unnoticed or unused by most who don’t care about that kind of thing, probably getting close to Facebook, even though it is essential to figure out the different purpose of Twitter, that also involves a different range of users.

On the one hand it fears a poor interest from the general audience, on the other it is believed that these experiments with engagement statistics directly in tweets can open a new frontier of communication on this social media platform.

Also, whoever says that they don’t care what people think, are sometimes not telling the truth.