About Us

We help businesses grow responsibly

Why? It motivates us, creates better results and makes our clients happy!

That sounds interesting, tell me More!

Instead of just talking about things like responsibility, engagement, and sustainability we try to apply these principals to our work every day. We strive to live these values. Do we succeed every time? No, but when we do, the world becomes a better place, and it creates happy clients and highly motivated employees.

The “What” and the “How”

We believe in inspiring responsible business growth by setting an example. Actionable insight, engagement, and meaningful purpose aren’t just ‘what we do’ to help you grow your business responsibly, they are also ‘how we do’ ‘what we do’.

Our product is the company itself

A virtual, flexible, and global workforce comprised of millennial business development and marketing specialists able to…

Intuitively understand how to use social media to engage and collaborate both internally and externally

Co-create strategic insights from business intelligence (social and traditional market research)

Facilitate ecosystems that build shared value for companies, customers, employees, and suppliers

Help companies to understand and overcome the cultural and organisational challenges in building social, responsible, and engaged businesses

"My vision and design is to provide an opportunity to combine the strengths of the right brain and the left brain, the creative aspects and the analytical aspects and bring those all together both as an individual and also as a company."

– Peter Ponton, Managing Director​