Inspiring clients, employees, and other stakeholders to invest in ongoing and meaningful relationships with your business.

Picture your business ecosystem of clients, customers, and employees. Now imagine that they all feel successful. Imagine you share a vision and values, and there is a meaningful connection between you. What would your business look like when all these people are inspired to create greater performance and impact together? When you are all growing and making more money together?

Sounds appealing? Reaching this outcome is about the journey, not just the results and the journey is about ENGAGEMENT.

Engagement is the only assured foundation for business growth.


We start by finding out what your clients really think of you, and creating a plan to grow customer relationships and revenue. It’s not about measuring the satisfaction of the transaction, it’s about evaluating the satisfaction in the journey of service or product delivery.
We give you customer and market research to uncover opportunities for growth. Then develop and re-position your company’s identity to tell a compelling story of your competitive advantage.

Our transformational engagement campaigns employ new commercial strategies together with hands-on business development. The result is a significantly improved business pipeline, based on inspiring and memorable client experiences.


  • Increase in sales revenue

  • Improve net income

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve collaboration

  • Engaged employees create engaged customers

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We provide a new, integrated approach to achieving engagement and hence business growth. We’ve brought together the formidable research capability of Grow3, a company with world-wide customer and client reach.

By utilising the skills of Grow3 to create a baseline to assess your present situations and circumstances, we can produce an environment where traditional “soft” skills can be quantified, measured and most importantly- be given the recognition they so desperately need.

As such, we have developed a unique framework and suite of services and capabilities that span the entire ecosystem of an organisation, from strategy to implementation. We conduct a cross-functional effort to alter the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of a business, with a stated goal of producing both quick wins and a foundation for a sustainable future.

  • Client and Customer Engagement
  • Employee and Talent Engagement

Business Development

We use intelligent targeting and high-touch direct customer contact, to deliver higher quality leads that are more likely to convert into new business opportunities. As a result, we are able to construct more inspiring messages to motivate and engage your prospects, and communicate more effectively how you can benefit their short and long term business objectives. Learn More

"My vision and design is to provide an opportunity to combine the strengths of the right brain and the left brain, the creative aspects and the analytical aspects and bring those all together both as an individual and also as a company."

– Peter Ponton, Managing Director​